Belcourt Brosseau Métis Awards

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What are the eligibility requirements?

In order to meet the criteria for an award, applicants must :

  • Be Métis
  • Intend to pursue a program of study leading to a recognized licence, certificate, diploma, undergraduate or professional degree in Alberta
  • Be permanent residents or citizens of Canada
  • Be residents of Alberta

Primary consideration will be given to applications demonstrating:

  • Financial need
  • Connection to the Métis community
  • Likelihood of improved career opportunities

Consideration and priority may also be given to:

  • Applicants entering their first year of post-secondary studies or academic upgrading, bridging, and university/college entrance programs (for more detail see the“What schools and programs are eligible” below)
  • Applicants demonstrating commitment to studies and maturity
  • Applicants with a history of volunteer work and leadership
  • Applicants with extenuating personal circumstances
  • Applicants who will study full-time

Who is an Alberta resident?

Awards are only open to residents of Alberta. Where residency is questionable, the awards panel may consider time lived in Alberta, demonstration of connection to Alberta, and stated intent to remain in or return to Alberta. Notwithstanding the above, the awards committee may in exceptional circumstances, in their discretion, grant an award to a non-resident of Alberta.

What schools and programs are eligible?

Awards can be used at any public university, college, or technical institute in Alberta, as well at any private institution or vocational school accredited by Alberta Learning Information Service . Awards may be provided to students attending school outside Alberta (but within Canada) when circumstances warrant (e.g. when a program is not offered in Alberta); applicants should clearly address why they have selected their school of choice. For schools outside Alberta, institutions must be equivalently accredited.

An applicant’s program of study must lead to a recognized undergraduate degree, applied degree, diploma, certificate or licence.

A limited number of awards are available to Graduate students in professional programs, including but not limited to Law, Medicine, Speech Pathology, and Physical Therapy. Graduate programs which are primarily academic in nature are not eligible for funding. Second or subsequent degrees are not considered a priority for awards.

Academic upgrading, bridging, or college preparation programs are eligible. Students must indicate how completion of study will help them gain admission to a post-secondary program or lead to future gainful employment.

How will awards be paid?

Awards are intended to assist recipients with mandatory costs such as tuition and fees. For students with severe financial constraints or unique circumstances, awards may be provided to assist with cost related to attending school, such as textbooks. The awards will not provide a living allowance or technology items such as computers, software, upgrades, internet fees or related equipment.

In general, awards for tuition and fees will be paid directly to the institution upon receipt of invoice. Awards to institutions will not be confirmed until conditions are met.

It is the responsibility of the recipients to adhere to all regulations of the accepting post-secondary institution regarding all fee payments and to ensure that registration and/or enrolment status is not jeopardized. In particular, fee deadlines may impact students prior to award confirmation. Students are also responsible for all expenses not covered by the award, in accordance with institution payment deadlines. No part of any award issued by the Edmonton Community Foundation can be applied to amounts owing from previous years.

Very Important Notes:

  • To apply, students must complete and submit the online application which will be available two months prior to the deadline.
  • A completed application must include two reference letters/ reference forms, and a copy of the applicant’s most recent marks. (for more more details about the required documents see the “Supporting Documents” section in the application)
  • Proof of Métis heritage must be provided before any award is confirmed but does not have to be submitted with the application.
  • Students entering Master or Doctoral programs which are primarily academic in nature are not eligible, although students entering professional programs may apply.
  • Candidates may be required to demonstrate ineligibility for other sources of funding (in particular, Métis Skills Development funding from the Rupertsland Institute).
  • Students entering second or later years of study, part-time students, students with previous post-secondary credentials, and past recipients may be considered depending on the amount of funding available in a given year.
  • Awards Candidates will be advised of the status of their application by email in early July of each year. Edmonton Community Foundation will notify accepting post-secondary institutions of any Belcourt Brosseau Métis Award recipients once all award conditions have been fulfilled. In general, student programs should not start before August 1. Applicants may re-apply in subsequent years, but each application is for a single school year only.

The application deadline is March 31 of each year.

Applications must be submitted through the online application system by the deadline. If March 31 falls on a weekend, applications will be accepted until 4:30pm on the following business day.
If you have any questions please e-mail: