Community Scholarships

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Are you eligible for a Community Scholarship?

You should consider applying for an award if:

  • You will be pursuing studies in Alberta in the coming school year. There are also opportunities to pursue studies elsewhere in Canada. See “What schools and programs are eligible?” below.
  • Funding your studies is a challenge due to your financial situation.
  • You are living in the greater Edmonton area or northern Alberta.
  • You are involved in your community (e.g. volunteering, artistic endeavours, sports, etc.)
  • You are a permanent resident or Canadian citizen.

If you fit the criteria above, you are eligible to apply! However, highest priority will be given to applicants who are also able to show us that:

  • You take on leadership roles in the community.
  • You have plans to pursue a career in the not-for-profit (NFP) sector or use your education to help volunteer, or start to something new.
  • You want to apply what you learn towards working in and improving the greater Edmonton area or northern Alberta.

What do we mean by not-for-profit (NFP) sector?

Do you volunteer for your community league, the food bank, or a theatre festival? Do you work at a day care, or want to become a social worker, or youth counsellor? Other examples of the NFP sector include but are not limited to: public arts organizations, social justice, child or elder care, environmental advocacy, Indigenous organizations, social enterprises, and community interest groups. Our definition is pretty broad, but if you are unsure if your interests would fit we would be happy to hear from you.

What schools and programs are eligible?

ECF Awards and Bursaries can be used at any public university, college, or technical institute in Alberta. They can also be used at any private institution or vocational school accredited by the Province of Alberta. Awards may be provided to students attending school outside Alberta (but within Canada) when circumstances warrant. For example, when a program is not offered in Alberta. You will need to tell us why you have selected your school of choice. Schools outside Alberta must be equivalently accredited. If you’re not sure if your school or program qualifies please contact us and we can help you find out.

Your program of study must lead to a recognized undergraduate degree, applied degree, diploma, certificate or licence. Academic upgrading and college preparation programs are also eligible. If you are planning on applying for an award or bursary to help with upgrading, you will need to tell us how it will help you gain admission to a post-secondary program or lead to future employment.

A limited amount of support is available for non-credited learning opportunities such as conferences, workshops and training programs. If you are applying for this kind of opportunity you will need to tell us how it will enhance your work within Edmonton’s NFP sector.

What documents do you need to submit with your application?

  • A nomination letter from someone in the NFP sector. For example, a current or past employer, a volunteer contact, a board member, or another person who knows about your involvement in the NFP sector. The letter must outline your past involvement with the sector and anticipated future involvement.
  • A personal reference letter from someone (not a family member) who has known you for at least six months. They must be able to talk about why you should get an award.
  • Statement of marks from your most recent studies. Don’t worry, high marks are not part of the criteria for these awards. We just want to see that you have potential to be successful in your planned studies. Official transcripts are not required. A photocopy or print out from a school website is acceptable. Provide most recent marks as of the time of application.

What is the application process?

The Awards Panel will review applications and select award recipients during the summer. Everyone who applies will be notified of the status of their application by email in late August. If you are accepted, Edmonton Community Foundation will notify your school of your award and bursary once all award conditions have been fulfilled.

In general, awards will be paid directly to the institution of study, to be applied to your tuition.

The deadline for the applications is June 15th

All applications must be received by the Edmonton Community Foundation by the deadline. If June 15th falls on a weekend, applications will be accepted until 11:59 pm the following business day.
If you have any questions please e-mail: